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Never be embarrassed to play golf again - guaranteed!

Let me tell you a quick story...

     Jason had never played golf before. Somehow he'd managed 28 years without ever setting foot on a golf course. But the email was there on he computer - Save the Date: Company Golf Outing

     He'd remembered what happened when he skipped the last golf outing. Everyone was back in the office on Monday, talking about how much fun the outing was. They were all buddy-buddy. He couldn't help but wonder, "Am I missing out on something?"

     Besides, how hard can it be? He'd played baseball. Hit a ball with a stick - same concept, right? In fact, it was probably easier. After all, in golf the ball was stationary when you hit it.

     On the day of the outing, he rented clubs like everyone else. He walked out onto the course like everyone else, smiling and ready to play. Then, he embarrassed himself like no one else.

     There's always THAT guy at the company outing.

The guy who doesn't know how to choose the best club.
The guy who has no idea how to hold a club.
The guy who smacks the ball all over the place.
The guy hitting up patches of grass
The guy his colleagues tried to help, but finally just let him play as best he could, which was pathetic.

     Monday morning was very different than he'd hoped it would be. His colleagues were talking about the golf outing and his name came up more than once (and so did the color in his face). He took a lot of razzing that week. And he vowed to never be THAT GUY again.

"This instruction book is probably the best beginner's book that I've ever read."

Michael Harrigan

15,000 golfers can't be wrong

     I met Golf Professional Chris Otis when I was referred to him. It turns out Chris played as a touring professional on the North Florida Mini-Tour and continues to compete in professional events throughout the Midwest.

     In his 20 year career as a golf teaching professional, he has taught more than 15,000 golfers. Although he has improved the games of experienced golfers, Chris has a knack for helping new golfers get good fast.

     When I took my first lesson with him, I couldn't help but notice...I was hitting the ball straighter and farther. That was a great feeling. Chris doesn't waste time talking about a lot of things that don't matter in a golf game. He shares the good stuff, the things that impact a person's golf game right away.

     How can Chris help even more beginner golfers? That's the whole purpose of the The Beginners Guide to Golf.

Beginner's Guide to Golf Manual
Let Golf Pro Chris Otis Improve Your Game Fast

"Chris was terrific. He taught me how to make myself better. I could use what he taught me and apply it to the driving range. It was a great experience. I would definitely recommend him."

Craig Bartlett

"Chris Otis has taught three generations in my family - my mother, myself and my son. He simplifies the golf swing. I would highly recommend him as a golf instructor."

Ron Munvez

"I don't think I would have taken the interest in golf that I have if it weren't for the instruction of my personal trainer, golf pro Chris Otis. His training has produced results obvious not only to me but also to those I started to play the game with. This book, along with my continued training with Chris Otis has begun my lifelong addiction. Thanks for starting me out with the proper fundamentals."

Stephen T. Anderson
Combat Veteran, 20th Special Forces Group Airborne

Here's Just A Small Sampling Of What You'll Discover When You Download Beginner's Guide to Golf Manual...

üWhat a professional golfer learned a few years ago that made him a better player instantly...(Page 52)

üHow to use a common household item in your practice sessions to get an edge over the competition...(Page 50)

üHow to choose which golf club to play and why - this rule of thumb makes it EASY...(Page 60)

üLearn the types of golf games and ways to score...(Page 15)

üHow to avoid a common and surprising golf playing mistake that could cause you or your partners great injury even death...(Page 11)

ü Amazingly simple & effective methods for hitting the ball straight every time that will surprise your golf partners...(Page 44)

ü9 insider tips for buying equipment can save you money and improve your game...(Page 72)

ü 3 different ways to hold the club - choose which one helps you hit the best....(Page 35)

üTop mistakes trainers have identified most beginners make on the golf course and how to avoid them...(page 33)

üPractice tips that help you lower your golf score fast...(Page 56)

üThe four things you must have in any solid swing...(Page 43)

Plus there's an extensive Golf Glossary so you can learn all the golf terms you've always wanted to know

"I loved your book. It's well done and it makes total sense for a new golfer."

Michael Anthony
Author, Mental Keys to Golf

"Well done!! I think this book will be of great value to beginners, or anyone, for that matter. It covers the basics of the game - the course, etiquette and rules, equipment, long game, short game, terminology, etc. - in an easy to understand way, which is what we all want. You cover a lot of great topics. Kudos."

Lyle Slovick
Good Golf for Life

Beginner's Guide to Golf Manual

by Golf Instructor Chris Otis and Raynay Valles
Answers to All Your Golf Questions in One Handy Guide... Guaranteed!

Download Now Just $47.00 $27.00 for a Limited Time Only

What Makes Beginners Guide to Golf the Only Choice for New Golfers?

     Good question!

     This guide is like spending hours with a golf professional, getting answers and insider golf playing tips in the comfort of your own home. And you don't have to wait for an appointment or wait until a book is delivered - you can start in the next few minutes! And it's only available here at this website.

Peek inside - Here Are Just a Few Golf Questions This Book Answers:

  • What is Par?
  • How do I hold a club?
  • Which club should I play?
  • How do I swing?
  • Does the brand of ball make any difference?
  • How can I practice?
  • Is there a secret to playing golf well?

Plus many more...

"I thought the book was fabulous. I've been getting lessons from Chris Otis for the past 2-3 years now on and off...The way he teaches has greatly improved my game. He's dropped my handicap down from low 20's to single digits. I found the book to be the best for the beginner, with all the terms and knowledge that Chris has in there."

Patrick Hawkins

"I was a self taught golfer with a good game. As much as I tried I reached a point where I could'nt improve my score. After one series of one on one lessons with Mr Otis I was able to jump that hurdle. He worked within what I did to make a swing that had all my distance with much less effort. It also became a predictable and repeatable swing. Thank You."

Robert P. Karall

How Much Would It Cost to Hire a Golf Pro to Answer All of Your Questions?

     If you could play a better game of golf, how much frustration and embarrassment would that save you? What if you started hitting the ball straighter, even knocking a few strokes off your game?

     How much would you need to pay to learn golf basics that would make a difference in your game? $40, $75, even $125 dollars an hour??

     This unique golf resource created especially for beginner golfers is only $47. But for a limited time, you can get it for just $27.00. Why? Because it's a digital book, we can pass the cost of printing on to you.

     This comprehesive resource is packed with the terminology, tips and strategies that will teach you the game and help you play better. Because it's an Instant Download book (delivered in pdf), you'll be reading it within minutes AND you'll save money. You'll receive the Beginner's Guide to Golf plus all the bonuses for $27.00 for a limited time.

     You will refer to it and the free gifts again and again. Did I say free gifts...?

Six Valuable Bonuses (but you'll get them free)

     Not only can you get the complete golf resource for new golfers, but you can also claim everything you need to really get the most out of it.

     So when you order today, you're going to get these additional bonuses for FREE:

golf setup Bonus #1

Simple Golf Swing Setup

by David Nevogt
"Setting up" to swing is critical to your golf success. How you strategize what you're going to do, choose your club and then stand at the ball with confidence. This quick-start guide shows you how to setup like a pro every time.
(a $27.00 value)
golft swing Bonus #2

Thoughts on the Golf Swing

by Tracy Reed
Learn to think like a golf pro. Who are you really playing against and how can you beat him? What are the most important things you can do as a beginner? How can you bring out your best performance as a golfer?
(a $27.00 value)
mental golf Bonus #3

Insights from the Mental Keys to Golf

by Michael Anthony
You may already realize that the inner game of golf is key to a good golf score. You'll learn how to master the mental side of golf with this excerpt.
(a $27.00 value)

golf history Bonus #4

A Brief Guide to Golf History

by Lyle Slovick
Lyle Slovick has a love of the game that will delight and inform you, even if you're totally unfamiliar with the game. An fun way to learn about the game.
(a $15.00 value)
golf Bonus #5

33 Guidelines for Successful Golfers

by John Matherly
Simple wisdom takes you from golf novice to golf success.
(a $12.00 value)
golf fitness book Bonus #6

Fit to a Tee

by Mike Pedersen
Discover the missing link to playing your best golf. Learn insider secrets of golf conditioning programs.
(a $19.00 value)

     You can claim your Six Super Bonuses (valued at $127 but yours free!) INSTANTLY when you

Download Beginner's Guide to Golf Today

     You'll get instant access to our secure download site, so that you can start using all of these golf tips within just minutes.

Once you get insights from an expert golf coach, it will change the way you play golf forever.

     Listen, one customer told me how he prints off the pages he wants to focus on. He takes them to the course to help his game. You see, you won't just read this guide once. It'll be your constant companion, spurring you on to better and better scores. It's like a secret weapon, because it improves your golf game over and over.

     For years to come you'll put one tip after another to work for you, because they are timeless. Fundamentally precise golf swing tips and ball hitting methods don't change. These methods worked yesterday, they work today, & they'll work tomorrow.

     Imagine for a moment what just one of these amazingly insightful golf tips could do for your scorecard. What if it were to cut strokes off your NEXT game?

     And even if you've never played golf before, this book wll give you the knowledge and confidence to give golf a try. That could mean when someone sends out an invitation to play golf, you shoot back "Count me in!" without fear of embarrassing yourself.

     What new possibilities that could take shape in your life because you learned how to play golf well?

     And because I want to prove to you that I'm serious about wanting to help you golf better, I'm going to I'm going to put my money where my mouth is with this:

Try It Risk Free! You Have Our 8 Week

"Play Better or Don't Pay"

Money Back Guarantee

     If you give this info a try and it doesn't help you shoot straighter and farther, you can quickly and easily get a refund.

     There's just no way you can lose, when you order "Beginner's Guide to Golf" by Chris Otis and Raynay Valles.

     Your order will be processed through Clickbank. You probably already know that with Clickbank, your personal information completely secure. Clickbank will also administer our iron-clad, no questions asked 8 Week "Play Better or Don't Pay" Money Back Guarantee.

     So go ahead... Try it risk free for 8 Weeks!

     If for any reason, you aren't 100 percent thrilled with it, simply request a refund. You'll receive 100% of your money back!

     No questions asked, no hard feelings, no problems.

     How confident am I you're going to learn a great deal from this new golf guide? If you're not thrilled with this resource, Chris and I don't want your money. It's as simple as that.

  • If you don't find amazingly simple golf lessons that teach you how to swing and increase your aim and power...
  • If you don't learn all the golf terms that you've always wondered about so you finally understand golf...
  • If you don't get the simple and practical tips you need to knock strokes off your game...

     You get every penny of your purchase price back.

     At the very least you get to keep "Simple Golf Swing Setup", "Thoughts on the Golf Swing", "Insights from the Mental Keys to Golf", "A Brief Guide to Golf History", "33 Guidelines for Successful Golfers" and "Fit to a Tee" for your trouble. The worst thing that could happen is you'll come out $127.00 ahead!

It's easy to order - just click the link below.

Instant PDF Download
You can get this golf book plus the bonuses within minutes

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Beginner's Guide to Golf is in pdf format. This means you'll be reading within minutes.

     Here's your chance to learn the secrets other golfers are using to have fun and play well on the golf course!

Play well, have fun,
Raynay Valles
co-author, Beginner's Guide to Golf

     P.S. Every tip, strategy, and technique we share with you in this book is a PROVEN winner. We use every one of them ourselves and our readers use them in real-world golf games. These techniques work, period. They will work for you, too.

Remember, you have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you're not happy, YOU DON'T PAY. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.

"I read your book for beginners and enjoyed it found it very interesting and informative. I know it's going to help me a lot in learning how to play the game."

Michael Solock

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